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Northfield’s Grand Little Hotel

Bounded by the city’s main thoroughfare and the Cannon River, Archer House occupies more than a central location in Northfield. For generations of guests and locals, it IS Northfield — a geographical and architectural landmark, a host to college visitors, and an exemplar of the town’s spirit of hospitality.

Intimate In Scale, Lavish In Amenities

Many a larger hotel would envy Archer House’s broad range of amenities, including two restaurants, retail shops, and meeting and event spaces for up to 100 people.

Hospitality Of Historical Proportions

Archer House River Inn has welcomed guests for nearly 140 years. At the time of construction, Northfield was chiefly known as the town where several members of Jesse James’ gang had been captured and killed one year earlier. James D. Archer sought to counter his home’s outlaw image by creating a hotel that would be a landmark for hospitality and elegance. Built in the French Second Empire style, the inn that bears his name still dominates downtown Northfield with its stately red brick façade, gracefully proportioned mansard roof, and arched dormer windows.

Owned & Operated By Rebound Hospitality

Recognizing the important role that historically significant properties play in sustaining communities, Rebound Hospitality brings expertise in hospitality management, financial oversight and leadership development to its growing collection of unique hotels and inns.

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